Welcome to Victorian Essence, the personal website of David & Flavia where we can share the things we appreciate with family, friends and anyone that happens by.


  • Our house...

    We both have a great appreciation of Victorian era houses. We were lucky enough to find a reproduction Queen Ann style townhouse and immediately went to work renovating to make it look as "old" as possible.




  • Our garden...

    Both of us grew up in a small-town environment so having an urban property with lots of natural highlights was our goal. We have spent 7 years and thousands of hours working on making our garden a great place to visit.


  • Victorian Homes Pictorial

    We admire the look of Victorian era houses with their porches, spandrel and gingerbread. This site will host pictures of houses of this era that we have seen in our travels.

  • Collecting Model Trains

    Model trains. I am a model train collector and share my hobby with others via my blog. I am also working on a reference guide for prewar Lionel trains and expect to have this finished by March 2015.

  • Our Victorian Garden

    We are avid gardeners and landscapers and spent many of our summer hours working around the yard trying to make it look beautiful. Our modest house now sorts a Gazebo, a waterfall and even a garden train.

Victorian Essence Design Service

Victorian Essence was founded in 2007 with a focus on Victorian-themed architectural accents for the home. We have since evolved into a well-known source for information and resources for anyone trying to create some Victorian Essence in and around their home.

We travel extensively throughout Canada to find unique and high-quality garden accents. The products we may showcase are neither inexpensive or widely available. Unique. Interesting.
You can be assured that you are getting something that cannot be purchased at the big box stores.

Our desire is to assist those with a passion for home and garden decor to provide their property with some Victorian essence.. thereby increasing the warmth and overall appeal for generations to come.


What is...
Victorian Essence?

A design or object that keeps, in concentrated form, the flavour, fragrance and romance of the era from which it is derived.